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TNJ Chemical attended WorldFood 2023 in Istanbul Turkey

09-16, 2023

The WordFood Expo 2023 was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from September 5-9, 2023. TNJ Chemical was led by Ms. Sophia Zhang to participate in this exhibition.

This exhibition is the third stop of the global exhibition our company will participate in in 2023. With the ending of the global epidemic, TNJ Chemical has successively begun to participate in the sixth relevant exhibitions to promote better market development. The international marketing department has made full preparations for this exhibition in terms of product preparation and exhibition layout.

During the four-day exhibition, there was a constant stream of customers who came to our booth to communicate. The customers and we exchanged business cards and company product catalogs, laying the foundation for further exchanges and cooperation after the exhibition. After the exhibition, our company inspected our Turkish agents and key customers and had in-depth exchanges on specific cooperation.

Our company began to expand into Turkey and surrounding markets in 2007. Over the years, Turkey has become one of our key markets and we have established our Turkish agent. Our company has a good reputation in Turkey and has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many international brands in Turkey.

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