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Strong demands promotes Isopropyl alcohol IPA price increase in China market


1. Isopropyl alcohol IPA Price trend in China

According to commodity data monitoring, Isopropyl alcohol isopropanol prices rose this week. The average price of domestic isopropanol was 6766.67 yuan / ton last Friday and 7600 yuan / ton this Friday. The price increased by 12.32% during the week.

2. Market analysis of Isopropyl alcohol IPA
Figure: comparison of price trend of acetone and isopropanol from June to August
The price of isopropanol increased this week. Up to now, most domestic Shandong isopropanol quotations are about 7200-7300 yuan / ton; The quotation range of Jiangsu isopropanol is about 7600-7800 yuan / ton; The quotation range of isopropanol in Zhejiang is around 7800 yuan / ton. Internationally, on August 17, isopropanol in the United States closed steady, while isopropanol in Europe closed steady and rose. Acetone has a good trend this week, with strong support for isopropanol, and the market price of isopropanol has increased.
In terms of raw material acetone, the current acetone market trend is good, and the factory quotations have been raised one after another. According to the monitoring of bulk commodity data, the average price of domestic acetone was 5700 yuan / ton last Friday and 6400 yuan / ton this Friday. The price increased by 12.28% during the week.
In terms of raw propylene, propylene manufacturers mainly stabilize the price and purchase downstream on demand. According to the commodity data monitoring, the propylene market quotation has not changed much this week. The average price of domestic propylene was 7750.36 yuan / ton last Friday and 7748.55 yuan / ton this Friday. The price fluctuated little in the week, and the price decreased by 0.02%.

3. Isopropyl alcohol IPA Future forecast

Isopropanol analysts of the chemical branch of business society believe that at present, the price of propylene is stable, the market trend of acetone is rising, the raw materials support isopropanol strongly, and the quotation of isopropanol factory has been raised continuously. The overall demand of the domestic isopropanol market is good, traders are reluctant to sell, and the price is adjusted upward. It is expected that the market quotation of isopropanol will be strong and upward in the short term, and pay attention to the changes in the news.

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