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Special Volume: TNJ Chemical business is growing quickly in Nigerial market



Now TNJ Chemical is a very Famous and Reputable brand in Nigeria market

Since from 2005, TNJ Chemical paid great attention to expand Nigerial market. It was very hard to start from zero then, but we always believe in our products and our service. Our international department visited Nigeria about every year since from 2007. Because we need to build trust between customers and TNJ Chemical, meanwhile help customers to solve the chemical usage questions they met. After about 15 years development, TNJ Chemical has more than 26 customers in Nigerial till beginning of 2020. We export about 3 million $ chemical materials every year to Nigerial market. Now if you go to Nigeria market, you will find TNJ brand everywhere.




Our Chemicals in Nigeria

TNJ Chemical provides various kinds of chemical materials, medicine,  equipment  etc to our Nigeria customers, but mainly focusing on food  additives, cosmetic materials, daily care chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials and other industrial chemicals etc. We always stick to product quality and sales service to our customers, never making mistakes in quality, never avoiding problems in service. For all, we have the customers' trust and confidence with us, we should never let them down. 

Our Visit to Nigeria customers Again in 2019


From August 18 - September 02, 2019, TNJ Chemical sent delegation to Lagos Nigeria with aim to visits our incumbent customers and attend the Nigerial Pharma Manufacturers exhibition. During two weeks visit, led by Sophia Zhang, TNJ Chemical delegation visits some of our customers with whom we cooperate about more than 10 years. During the visit, we paid visit to the stock warehouse, office and had face-to-face talks with cusotmers, to inquire about the problems they meet at present, and listen to their suggestion and advice etc. Accompanied by our agent in Lagos, we also paid visit to some potential customers who showed great interest in TNJ products. It laid foundation for further cooperation. From August 28-29, TNJ Chemical attended the Pharma manufacturers exhibition held in Lagos. This is the second time we attended such exhibition in Nigeria. It will play big role in our cooperation with customers from Nigeria.

TNJ Chemical with Nigeria agent

TNJ Partner in Nigeria

nigeria customers visit TNJ Chemical hefei

TNJ Visiting

HEFEI tnj chemical industry visited nigeria customers

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